Novel Amusements #5: DVD and zine: Rock and Roll B-movie Monsters: Zombie Bot from Death Planet 6: DVD

Jun 05, 2007

            Cartoon creator Gene Romero is back with the second installment of the RNR B-Movie Monsters, and this shit’s funnier than his first one, Go Go Johnny Kill! (Which can be watched on Without ruining the plot, our B-Movie Monsters fight fire with fire against Clint Howard’s evil robot with a robot of their own—the Lembot Kilmaster 3000, and yes, it’s that same Lemmy you’re thinking of. There’s also the ripping on Robo Cop and a very “colorful” Johnny 5 from that movie, Short Circuit. Okay, that’s all your getting—like I said, I ain’t ruining it for anyone. Gene’s creations in his animations are funny as they are entertaining, and I’m really looking forward to his next series, Super Vato. His official animation website should be going up around the same time this goes to print. If you wanna get a hold of Gene, you’re encouraged to drop ‘em an email and check out his MySpace page to get a glimpse at what he and his lil’ monsters have been up to: [email protected] –Designated Dale