NOTS: “Virgin Mary” b/w “Shelf Life”: 7”

Nov 02, 2015

Third 7” from my current favorite Memphis punk/post-punkers. Or at least I think it’s Nots’ third; there is a number “3” on both the front and back cover. I wish had better words to describe the Nots’ sound and my love for the band. They sound like a Goner Records band—and I say that as a compliment, being a huge Goner fan and as someone who buys most Goner releases just because Goner releases them. My only complaint is that “Virgin Mary” is so short. It’s a good song, but I’m often hesitant to buy two-song 7”s as it is. Wish they would have thrown another tune on the record, but Nots are one of those few bands that force me to buy two-song 7”s. Nots are best experienced live, so catch ‘em if they come through your town.

 –Sal Lucci (Goner)