NOTHINGTON: Self-titled: CD

May 10, 2007

Although this description may seem a little blah, or predictable, the band’s not. Mix in the gruffness, the layers upon layers texture of Leatherface and add Against Me!s country-echoed ability to make anthems out of everyday life. Nothington’s one of those bands that didn’t strike me suddenly. It’s like how with a sweating beer bottle, you can peel the label off if you pick at it slowly, instead of trying to rip it off right at the start and not get the whole thing. Nothington’s got a little patience, a little reflection to work at a goal. As a band, I find them slowly creeping in, and since nothing’s missing musically, they set up shop, and this CDs been getting plenty of spins. The duets with Emily Whitehurst are especially good. Nice work.

 –todd (BYO)