NOTHINGTON: One for the Road: 7”EP

Mar 14, 2007

First listen: Man, I love me some Leatherface. Put the burlap over the bunny, smash it with a hammer, then sing with that shoved down your esophagus. Second listen: Whiskey Sunday or Saint Catherines? Third listen: Although I love Frankie Stubbs of Leatherface, and Davey Tiltwheel, who did the cover art for Dog Disco, I think people largely discount that record because that cover thows ‘em. Fourth listen: Like Leatherface, there’s something to be said about giving the songs some mileage. Let ‘em pour into you like dots in the highway, so they’re this collective blur that condense a long trip into an eye blink. Nothington show their depth slowly. Fifth listen: Hey, this is really good stuff on its own: earnest, hard-earned, and honest. A keeper.

 –todd (Left Off The Dial)