NOTHINGTON: Lost Along the Way: CD

Jun 14, 2014

After releasing three solid full-length releases, San Francisco’s Nothington cleans out the vaults with this odds and ends collection. This disc collects the More Than Obvious 7” with a bunch of other tracks from splits, compilations, and outtakes from their album sessions. Normally, releases like this tend to be uneven due the nature of the compilation format but the sheer strength of Nothington’s material and the production afforded on the tracks make this disc feel more akin to a bona fide full-length album. This is a boon to longtime followers of the band who can now have these difficult-to-track-down songs on a convenient silver disc. Newcomers to the band might enjoy this as well as it inadvertently serves as a nice sampler from the band’s recorded output. Dig this and you will surely like their earlier releases. 

 –Garrett Barnwell (Red Scare)