NOTHING OF MERIT: American Blast: 7”EP

Nov 02, 2015

The back cover of self-described “old school punk rock band” Nothing Of Merit’s American Blast implores the listener to “PLAY THIS RECORD LOUD.” This is less of a suggestion and more of a necessity, as the production is raw and lo-fi as fuck. With four songs clocking in at justover five minutes, this wee blast of volume shouldn’t be too much to handle. The low resolution album art is… let’s call it understated, but when paired with the band’s name and their charming labeling of the record’s “side whatever” and “side whatever2” their seemingly low expectations of themselves are rather endearing. There is an audible sense of fun permeating the release, and saxophone elevates the proceedings on “Maverick,” “Cryogenically Frozen,” and the Sonic Youth tribute, “SY… a Tribute,” but this short effort is more of a confection than a meal. It ultimately leaves you hungry. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Reason For Resistance)

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