NOTHING: Double Dose of Negativity: LP

Speedy and tightly wound hardcore from the Berlin outfit. I get the sense they schooled themselves on the 1988-1995 era of straight edge, as there are some similarities here. But they are definitely grounded in the modern times, as the energy is genuine. There’s also a slight hard rock angle to their sound as well, much like the Victims (Sweden). The songs have a nice way of being able to have a catchy rhythm and still have the speedy thing happening. The title track really stands apart from the rest on here with a middle part that slows down; the guitar comes in providing some mood and the vocals talk more than shout. Then you have some ragers like “Nothing’s Alright,” “Living Under Lies,” and “Everything Is Wrong.” All of them that have this urgency through time changes and the ability to put a little more on the table than shouting and racing through the song. Even the song “Old” does a great job of capturing that shitty feeling of trying to find your way and place in something that starts to feel alien to you from all the changes over the years. Believe me, I know, and can relate.

 –M.Avrg (Refuse, / [email protected])