NOTA: Live At The Crystal Pistol: LP

Sep 10, 2009

On a personal level, NOTA are the most important band ever. Growing up in Oklahoma, where these guys hailed from, it proved that you could be in a punk and accomplish something, despite the rednecks and religious assholes that surrounded you. These guys were my piece of sanity in that fucked up time. They made it easier to deal with getting beer gutted assholes in Camaros throwing shit at you and calling you “faggot” as they sped by, or when the jocks would death threat you over the phone. And the classic, “Get a hair cut!” despite having a shaven head. Anyway, this is the vinyl edition of the long out of print classic tape from 1983, not to mention some stuff that never saw the light of day outside of live shows, such as “Carolina,” Apathy,” and “Dumb Shit.” As well as “Nightstick Justice” and “Riot Kids,” which are taken from a practice recording. The recording quality is pretty damn good and captures their raw and urgent attack well. A seamless blending of hardcore punk with street punk and the ‘77 sound, not to mention political and social commentary as well as personal vision. Nearly 20 years later and this band still strikes a chord within.

 –M.Avrg (Prank)

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