NO!SE: Pushing On: LP

Jun 06, 2014

I just read an interesting book called Sway, about the science of irrational behavior. Lots of lessons for life in that book. Often we are swayed by our perceptions, judging books by their covers, without actually thinking and listening. This band No!se have been around for years and are firmly pigeonholed in the skin/streetpunk scene. The singer is a soldier in Afghanistan; the covers often have tattoo art, no brainer right? You like it or you don’t. One second… wait… close your eyes and listen. They don’t sound like a skinhead band. Sure there are some gang choruses, but there’s much more to it. I can hear some Street Dogs in there, but I can also hear Leatherface. Hell, I’m even hearing some old U.K. stuff like Terminus or the Blood. This is a compilation of their singles and comp tracks. It sounds like a cohesive listen, for sure. As always top notch packaging from our friends at Longshot. 

 –Tim Brooks (Longshot)