NO///SÉ: Self-Titled: LP

Hard-driving and tuneful modern day punk type of racket here. Once they get started, the songs whip by, one after the other, sometimes melting into one another, with this barreling tempo that does not let up until the stylus runs off the final groove on the second side. I really like how the bass and drums propel everything forward and the guitars just seem to hang on for the ride. The gravelly bellow of the vocals works well and conveys a strong sense of urgency throughout. They have some songs with sing-a-long qualities, but don’t dive into the whole bro mentality that’s rampant these days. Songs like “Blank Slate,” “Sick About It,” and “We Did Everything Wrong” cook. These guys would be perfect on a bill with bands like Canadian Rifle and the Red Dons.

 –M.Avrg (Rotten To The Core,