Jan 15, 2013

This band plays raucous tribute to the ultra obscure Norcore scene, which happened during the mid-‘80s on the north side and near north suburbs of Chicago. I’m sure there are like seventeen people who are really excited about this. Seriously though, the tiny local scenes that have popped up and faded away over the years are one of the most intriguing aspects of music fandom to me. My favorite, of course, was the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, alt rock scene of the early ‘90s, featuring Venison, Voodoo Love Mint, etc. It was going to be the next Seattle, man! That didn’t pan out, but those bands are worshipped by the handful of people who were there, so I know that this disc probably means everything to those who spent their nights going to shows in and around the Norwood Park neighborhood way back when. For those of us who weren’t there, this disc is a catchy and melodic window into what must have been a great party.

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