Admittedly, my pool of knowledge regarding epic (i.e. really long), bleak (i.e. really slow) metal is questionable at best. I can tell you the packaging for this split is impressive: heavy gatefold LP with apocalyptic art, 180 gram gray marble vinyl, even a black LP sleeve rather than a white one. Northless has two tracks, including the downer of a title “For As Long As You Shall Walk the Earth, Your Blood Shall Reek of Failure.” Both tracks are lengthy, droning, and crushing. Lots of talk of decay, red skies, and living as a shroud in your darkest hour. Light Bearer contribute one track, apparently titled from one of the chapters of the Jewish Scriptures, in which free will first makes its appearance and results in the creation of Lucifer. It’s a long track with an introduction that lasts for some minutes as simply a sound collage, akin to God Speed You Black Emperor, until their own particular brand of doom-heavy metal kicks in. Like I said, I have no idea. The guy who runs this label works really hard and there are tons of people who eat this shit up. Personally, I can’t help but feel the whole thing’s a little too Dungeons & Dragons-heavy for me, like whoever’s Dungeon Master gets to decide which side of the flip they’ll play. Probably not fair, but again, I’m way out of my league when it comes to this stuff. Orcs and serious metal fans take note.

 –keith (Halo Of Flies)