NORTHERN TOWNS: Good as Gold: 10"

May 21, 2010

The record kicks off (on the opening track, “Latchford”) with a guitar lick ripped straight from “Know Your Rights,” and that slick, jangly, echo sound finds its way into about every other song on the record. While the guitars bring to mind the later days of the Clash, the vocals owe more to the gravelly voices of Jimmy Pursey or Mickey Fitz than the Clash’s Joe Strummer or Mick Jones and often clashes (or spars? You choose your street punk pun) with the otherwise clean sound of the rest of the band, though there are a couple rollicking street punk rave-ups here and there. Beyond that, it’s a fine record, I suppose, for those who have a soft spot for oi in their hearts. And, at times, I’d even say that they seem to add a bit of freshness to a genre that has been stale for nearly as long as it has existed. With that being said, I still find myself feeling tepid at best about this record. Sadly, it’s hard for me to get too excited this kind of stuff. Sorry dudes.

 –Jeff Proctor (