NORTH LINCOLN: Self-titled: 7”

May 20, 2010

Side A’s a barnstormer that would’ve fit perfectly anywhere in their final full length, Midwestern Blood. Side B’s got a restrained-then-raucous Gibbons cover (terrific band that also shared an awesome split 7” with these guys a few years back) and a slow, pensive number that closes things out. That last song really tends to color things with a bit of solemnity to it when you consider that this may be the last thing this now-defunct band ever releases. These guys—especially their later stuff and especially for a three piece—frequently managed to pull off a kind of, I don’t know, emo with muscles, you know? There were buckets of raw emotion in the music these guys laid down, but it was all wrapped up in a frayed coating of duct tape and peppered with shards of safety glass. I don’t know. Great band, pretty good last vinyl outing, if that’s what it proves to be. Bummed that I never got to see ‘em live.

 –keith (Kiss Of Death)