NORTH LINCOLN: Midwestern Blood: CD

Jul 02, 2009

Another power trio, this one is actually still very much active. I went back to see if maybe Snakes and Arrows Live was in the bottom of my box to make a rocking trifecta—but to no avail. Three dudes from Michigan who all play in other bands, but make magic when this baby starts wailing. Their practice space actually looks like a bomb shelter. I’ve seen homeless people that have nicer lean-to’s then this, but I digress. The grit must seep into their songwriting, since it’s certainly raw and sincere at the same time. “All This Time” threatens to buckle under its own weight—which is a good thing. “Weight of The World” is another killer song on this one. Get this CD. It won’t leave your “go-to” rack.

 –koepenick (No Idea)