NORMALS, THE: Vacation to Nowhere: LP

Jul 14, 2011

So awesome! Despite coming from New Orleans, these guys sound like they came from Huntington Beach. If you like the Crowd, Simpletones, and the rest of the

Beach Blvd.comp, then you will love The Normals. My first exposure to this band was a mix tape a friend made for me that had the song “Almost Ready” from their one and only single. Equally blown away and crestfallen because I didn’t think I’d ever hear more from them. Lo and behold, Last Laugh Records has unearthed this LP, which was recorded in 1979, and for some reason, never released until now. This deserves “classic” status. Seriously, if this had come out when it was intended to, people all over would be having conversations about how awesome this album is, and going song by song, extolling the greatness of everything about this record. The music is well played, the choruses are catchier than hell, the vocals are great. It’s poppy, but still has a tough attitude. All I can think when I listen to this—over and over, and over and over—is, “What a great album!” Twelve songs and not a stinker amongst them.  –M.Avrg (Last Laugh,