NORMALS, THE: So Bad, So Sad: LP

The Normals were one of New Orleans’s early punk bands that really didn’t get much out vinyl-wise during their initial run, but what they did manage to release, namely the “Almost Ready”/”Hardcore” single, has become quite the bee’s knees among the collector circuit—and with good reason. Since then, a number of releases featuring various recordings have been released, and this is the latest. Comprised of ten tracks from a 1979 demo and an alternate mix of “Almost Ready,” this marks the first time these tracks have made it to vinyl. The sound quality is release quality, which leaves one figuring they probably just didn’t have the moolah to release it proper-like back then or something, and the songs themselves are solid bits of punchy punk rock along the same lines as their much ballyhooed single of yore. Nice addition to their legacy here.

 –jimmy (Last Laugh)