NONE MORE BLACK: This is Satire: CD

Jul 13, 2006

You hear that? It’s the sound of the bar being raised. You see that over there? That’s the high water mark Kid Dynamite left before rolling back out to sea and out of sight. Those guys above that line are None More Black, and this is where they pull off what guys who come from such intense pedigrees rarely do. I like to call it the “Ian Mackaye” or “defying the musical black hole.” Allow me to most likely unnecessarily elaborate. Sometimes you’re in a band so intense it’s like a black hole. Anything else before and after just gets sucked in to it and all anyone can see is that one huge swirling awesome thing. Your new band can struggle all it wants but it’s going to get sucked right in to that hole. Sometimes though, you start another band with some guys and call it Fugazi or in this case None More Black and you can pull away. You can live along side that black hole and sometimes even out grow it. This is Satire is where None More Black effectively pulls away. This is where people will cease to predicate discussion of their band with Kid Dynamite ever after. This is also the first perfect record of 2006. Emotional but with a sense of humor. Pop punk but with enough long hairs to make it fucking rock. I’d go so far as to say Jason Shevchuk is right up there with Jeff Pezzati and Glenn Danzig in his mastery of the “whoa-oh” and he’s at the top of his game. Some people might consider the “whoa-oh” to be a cheap trick. A substitute for insightful lyrics. Those people are fucking cocks. I theorize that it would take a team of scientists at least twenty-five years to figure out the mechanics of how good this record is. It’s like they achieved the rock equivalent to perpetual motion or something.

 –guest (Fat)

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