NONE MORE BLACK: This is Satire: CD

Jul 13, 2006

One minute into this album, I felt the urge to thrust my fist into the air. So far so good, I thought. As the album wore on, though, I realized that it seems to suffer from Best-Song-First Disease. There are a lot of albums like this, where the first song is wildly good and immediately appealing, but it takes a few more listens to appreciate the rest of the collection. Luckily, I like my punk rock hooky and these dudes have hooks by the bucketful—especially in the aforementioned awesome first song (the somewhat emo-titled “We Dance on the Ruins of the Stupid Stage.”) I was also pleased to note the band’s lyrics aren’t of the generic, “she broke my heart/George Bush sucks” variety. A song with a first line like, “Hey Mr. Postman, quit bringing me lemons,” asks a bit more of its audience than some other standard punk fare. The low point of the album is a track called “I See London.” Its playground-taunt of a title is remarkably accurate because to me it sounds like a bad grade seven slow dance. But if you skip that track, I think you’ll find this album getting better and better with each listen.

 –jennifer (Fat)