NONE MORE BLACK: Loud about Loathing: CDEP

Nov 08, 2007

I tried to check this band out. I’ve heard good things. It’s way too poppy for me, though. They attempt some edgy stuff, but Alkaline Trio did it a lot better. I guess they could fit with a kid that likes the new Hot Water Music, but I like the old HWM. No, even that’s giving these cats a little too much street cred. They do play Pork Pie drums, use Pro-Mark sticks, and ESP bass guitars, among other things. I always thought it was a little wanky to write that shit in a CD. Gotta please the sponsors, guys. Punk rock. Dude. Their retort in a song here is “I don’t give a shit what punk has to say anymore, man, ‘Shit has changed,’ no kidding, there’s no more room for me,” and then it ends the whining rant with, “There’s no point. The subversive’s been dug up. All the ideas that were dead.” Did Donald Rumsfeld write this gibberish? I have no idea what the hell they mean, either.

 â€“buttertooth (Sabot Productions)

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