NONE MORE BLACK: File Under Black: CD

Jun 23, 2009

From what I read, the singer is the former singer for Kid Dynamite. I have never listened to the latter band but heard good things from other Razorcakers. The bass player does double duty by also playing in Kill Your Idols. That band I have heard here and there, and really enjoyed what I did hear. So this band has two brownie points going for them. Musically, the band stays in the mid-tempo arena and tends to lean to a more rock vein. Not one to hold its punches, they do throw in a lot of melody to keep a foot tapping. The vocals are scratchy and gruff, but not out of tune. The rest of the band complements the vocals and shimmies its way through the songs. Definitely a release that you have to listen to multiple times to see if you like it. With more listens, I find it more and more appealing.

 –don (Fat)