NOMEANSNO: Tour E.P. No.2: 12"

Mar 03, 2011

When I reviewed Nomeansno’s Tour E.P. No. 1 a couple of issues ago, I stated that I needed a fix of the more upbeat style of NMN record. Well, it looks like I’ve got my wish! Tour E.P. No. 2 kicks off with “Jubilation” which, in my opinion, just may be the best song they’ve put out since the Worldhood of the World (As Such) record. I wouldn’t say poppy, but seriously catchy and forces you to sing along and bounce in your seat. It continues along this way throughout the record. Rather than the incredibly morose, bleak ballads, they’ve switched to their, “We know the world sucks, but we’re gonna go down singing with a sarcastic smile on our faces” alter ego. My favorite facet of Nomeansno. The increasing difficulty in obtaining these tour EPs is a little bothersome, though. Good luck hunting this one down. It’s worth it!

 –ty (Wrong)