NOMEANSNO: Tour E.P. No. 1: 12"

Nov 30, 2010

I’m sure that the majority of Razorcake readers know who Nomeansno is, so I’ll cut to the chase. A new four-song 12” EP from one of Canada’s all-time greats. This is great news! There are two types of Nomeansno songs: the mind-boggling punk rock blasts with layers upon layers of intricateness or the slower, dirge-like tunes of equal intricateness that boil just under the surface. The tracks here are of the later group. Within the locked in rhythm there is an uneasiness floating through the songs. Loneliness has long been a theme with the band, and these songs seem to continue to chart those waters. A very good outing, but I need more of the upbeat stuff to keep me going.

 –ty (Wrong)