Nov 30, 2010

Back in 1991 Nomeansno recorded their amazing record 0+2=1. It was going to be a double album, but for some reason or another they pared it down, saving the rest of the songs they recorded for a future release. Not long after, guitarist and vocalist Andy Kerr left the band and the Wright brothers didn’t feel comfortable with releasing the songs, so they disappeared. Mostly. Several of the songs wound up being re-recorded as a duo or with new guitarist Tom Holliston, but these original versions have never been heard outside the band until now. Andy Kerr found the tape of the songs in a shoe box and he and the band decided that it was time share it with the world. I love all of these songs, especially the one never-heard-before song “Now It’s Dark.” It’s a ripper! These guys are amazing musicians and the demo stuff is all top notch quality. The finished songs are great, too, as they are ever-so-slightly different than the versions that wound up being released. This is a great supplement to a great era of the band. The best part of all is that Nomeansno wants everyone to hear it. It is available for free download on their site ( I highly recommend getting it.

 –ty (Wrong)