NOMAD: Self-titled: 12”EP

Sep 18, 2013

New York has always been a hotbed for stand-out hardcore bands. In the past few years it has proved it once again, overflowing in all areas of hardcore. Nomad is a great addition. Nomad nails the crasher crust/noise sound and leans it toward traditional d-beat. Kawakami would be fist pumping in his grave at the early Discharge perfection. I was pretty stoked on the lack of vocal effects, considering the majority of the newer bands in this genre have been overdoing it. It’s an overdone trend. This 12”EP is a breath of fresh nuclear air—raw d-beat and doing it right. Cutting like a saw, and buzzing—like your ears should be after listing to this. - Adam Mullett

 –guest (Toxic State)