Noisy!,The First Punkervision Comp!: DVD $20, world-wide shipping, ninety-four minutes

Sep 16, 2010

Punkervision does a great job of using multiple cameras, clear photography, and soundboard-quality sound to capture some great performances. None of it is blown out, shaky-as-hell, back-of-the-club, on-an-extended-arm footage. That takes some dedication, especially for a band like Good Clean Fun, where there’s hardly any existing light and there’s a ton of bodies jumping around. In no small way does this comp remind me of the first couple rounds of Flipside’s videos, where there’d be ten bands, each doing healthy slabs of sets. (In case you’re wondering, what kept those original Flipside videos from resurfacing is that many of the bands sold away the rights to their own songs, and legal matters were too expensive and complex to keep them the videos in print. That’s why only the “Best Of”s are available.) I also enjoy footage that just isn’t a music video in-the-making. There’s sweat, minor fuckups, mis-steps, angles that show Eddie Spaghetti’s tubby belly, and Nørb taking his glasses off before he does a handstand on stage in his Wolverine getup. My favorite set on here is by the Fleshies. Their shock therapy stage presence fronted by the lead spazz, Johnny, who seems to be ever-healing from self-inflicted wounds, is definitely good times. The beauty and curse of this DVD is how diverse it is. I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who likes all the bands, and the styles of punk they play, but there’s a good chance there’s more than a couple in here to grab your attention. Here’s the list: Propagandhi, Supersuckers, Good Clean Fun, Diesel Boy, Atom and His Package, Fleshies, Boris the Sprinkler, the Line, Blocko, and Degrassi. –Todd (