NOI!SE / STREET DOGS: Split: 10”

Noi!se are probably going to be the next Rancid. I’m being totally serious. If this band doesn’t have a deal with a huge label within the next two years I will be amazed. They write these really catchy songs that get stuck in your head immediately but are still intelligent and lyrically driven enough to warrant delving deeper into. They are usually on the Cock Sparrer / Blitz tip with a West Coast vibe in the backbeat, but these three songs really show them coming into their own. Their story is great, they are nice, humble dudes, and I honestly can’t say enough nice things about them. The Street Dogs are still the Street Dogs. They write simple street punk songs that are like a poppy version of Forced Reality. Mike is and always has been a great frontman, but at the end of the day I will forever hold them to the standard of the first Dropkick record (but who cares because those guys don’t need my help selling records). Just make sure that if you get this record for Street Dogs to FLIP IT OVER AND LISTEN TO NOI!SE. 

 –Ian Wise (Pirates Press)