Apr 27, 2009

Here’s a hot little slab of punk rock goodness. Kicking off the single is Noise Attack: straight-up mid-tempo punk rock with shout back backups, raspy vocals, and socially aware lyrics. Angry and urgent is where it’s at! Inoculators are a little bit faster and gruffer, but every bit as pissed off. These songs are so catchy but not poppy. In that respect, I’m reminded of Rebel Spell a bit. I really, really like both bands on here and will be searching out more. Now a note on the single itself. It’s fuckin’ beautiful! The cover art is stellar, all in red, black, and white. It matches nicely with the red and black spattered wax inside. I really appreciate it when a band puts together a nice package to go along with their ripping tunes.

 –ty (