NOIA: Self-titled: CD

Nov 30, 2010

Pretty good, dancey, instrumental stuff with a lot of 8-bit synthesized beeps and bloops made by a couple of French-Canadian dudes with awesome names. I like that the music. While experimental, it stays driving and structured-enough-sounding so that it doesn’t just seem like a dude wanking around with the dials on some electronic limiter for twenty minutes then shitting that out on tape. This also has just the right bit of bounce that it wouldn’t kill the atmosphere to stick this on at a dance party. Due to the real bass and drums, it still sounds organic enough that it isn’t like some lame ass DJ Tiesto house mega-mix album. Extra points for one of the dudes wearing a Municipal Waste shirt in the band picture.

 –Adrian (L’Oeil du Tigre, [email protected])