NOFX: Your Hubcaps Cost More Than My Car / Now What Herb, California Über Alice: 7”All: 7”

Nov 10, 2008

The A-side, “Your Hubcaps,” is murder ballad: simple musically, vocals pulled in front, telling a story from the perspective of a drug dealer intentionally giving an overdose to a rich, respected man with a fancy car and a big house. “Now What Herb” is a light horned and easy listening instrumental that Tijuana Brass lovers could soft shoe to. “California’s” a hardcore blast about California succeeding from the union. It’s the best of the batch. In “All My Friends,” Mike’s voice sounds like a blown-out speaker. Rough. “I, Melvin” is an accordion-heavy ballad about being a burned out, aging punk marionette who also happens to be the guitarist for the band. The song almost sounds like down time in a Pink Floyd record someone forced me to listen to once. 7”s numbers eight and nine are a low point of the year-long series of 7”s.

 –todd (Fat)