NOFX: Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing: CD

Sep 08, 2006

It seems like the boys have got there mojo workin’ on full tilt these days. This CD is so jam packed that they had to leave some recent songs like “There’s No Fun in Fundamentalism” for the B-sides pile. But all the hot topics are on display here, told with a healthy dose of sarcasm and contempt. Religion, politics, drugs and drinking are all song fodder. “Seeing Double at the Triple Rock” is a great example as Fat Mike sings— “Its 3 o’clock at The Triple Rock, another round of watching Paddy talk/it’s where you wanna get snowed in when you get snowed in.” Other tunes that had me spittin’ up my Cheerios are “Leaving Jesusland” and “Getting High on the Down Low.” But if you want to know what NOFX are about, just listen to “60 Percent”, which is their “Treatment Bound” — “We’re the self crowned kings of candor, sultans of slander/which mean we make more money/we’ve got better prescriptions/we own most of our own music/no one’s got their hands in our pockets/we don’t have management/we get to play loaded/and only 3 months a year.” What a fucking life.

 –koepenick (Fat Wreck)