NOFX: They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live: CD

Mar 17, 2008

As much as the title and banter implies that NOFX sucks live, the truth is that these guys never sound less than great. The reason behind this, I think, is the fact that Erik Sandin is one of the tightest drummers ever. I think it’s just hard to sound bad with him in your rhythm section. And it’s actually a really good-sounding live recording instead of sounding like the audio was taken off somebody’s overworked cell phone mic. As for the selection of songs, it’s a great mix of old and new songs, with some stuff being changed up for the live album. If you liked the originals, it’s a safe bet you’d like the rearranged versions of the songs. The only problem with the CD is that after the first couple of times, you never really want to listen to the banter again. I think it’s worth getting if only for the fact that they have The Decline on here as a hidden track. That is, after all, NOFX’s greatest, most epic batch of songs.

 –Adrian (Fat)

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