NOFX: There’s No Fun in Fundamentalism b/w Fungus, I’m a Huge Fan of Bad Religion: 7”

Mar 27, 2007

I’ll admit it right off the bat that I’m prejudiced. I don’t like rich people. Pretty much hate ‘em. Class war. There’s a line you do not cross. That type of thing. Fat Mike’s probably the only millionaire I actually admire. Because he could take the easy route out. By some lucky horseshoe, NOFX has had the suburbs in the palm of their hands for over a decade. And instead of just going out and peddling some shoes at the Warped Tour, he makes it plain and simple (and funny, and catchy) on the A-side that dogmatism in religion is unequivocally fucked. (Priests molesting children and how many Middle Eastern religions treat women are two easy examples.) And if that shakes some kid up—who’s stuck in the stucco nightmare inside the bowels of a planned community to a new way of looking—awesome. The b-side’s a throwaway. Khaki-colored vinyl.

 –todd (Fat)