NOFX: The Longest EP: CD

Jan 11, 2011

I love NOFX comps, like this and the 45 or 46 Songs b-sides album from a few years ago. This CD collects EP tracks and out-takes from throughout the length of NOFX’s career, from 1987 (The P.M.R.C. Can Suck on This) all the way up to 2009’s Cokie the Clown. With the exception of the really rough and kind of shitty P.M.R.C. EP and “S&M Airlines,” most of this stuff is gold. NOFX seems pretty odd on the edit function, as most of their full length albums have at least a couple of real clunkers on them (cough, “Anarchy Camp,” cough ,”My Heart Is Yearning”), yet awesome stuff like “Jaw Knee Music” and “Glass War” end up as outtakes or b-sides. The strength of this CD is that Fat Mike didn’t feel as obligated to fill up the run length of the separate shorter releases comprising this with baffling filler, so this actually is pretty tight. Cut off the last five tracks and you have one of the better NOFX releases.

 –Adrian (Fat)