NOFX: Surfer: 7"

Jul 05, 2001

Thank fuckin' Christ there's no longer 1,000 bands copping their style. The cloning machine has been dismantled. Yay hoo. Blink 182's taken up the limelight. Perfectly easy to ignore. It's easier to enjoy NOFX now. Fourteen cuts (well, thirteen. "Juice Head" doesn't count - it's them finding the key or tempo or something.). The artwork's a rad dig (or homage) on Bad Religion's "Suffer" - it's got an on-fire surfer standing at the beach. What separates 'em? Even though this 7" feels hurried and tossed off in a weekend, it's fucking funny and not just plainly stupid. That's not true. It's plainly stupid, but it's still really fun. Songs go from anthems pushing insobriety in the workplace ("Go to Work Wasted") to taking 40 oz. beer bongs in the butt ("Party Enema"). Shit. I just like these guys. They were supposed to run out of ideas and become jaded and cynical and start renouncing punk rock back with "Punk in Drublic" and I still pop a record of theirs on every week or so.

 –todd (Fat, PO Box 193690, SF, CA 94119)