NOFX: Stoke Extinguisher: 7”/CDEP

Jun 13, 2014

I never was a NOFX fan. I never gave them a chance. The people in high school who listened to them never seemed real cool; they were always posers. That being said, I actually liked this. Go figure. The 7” is only two songs, a new track, “Stoke Extinguisher,” and the band’s contribution to The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute, titled “The Shortest Pier.”The CDEP and digital versions include four other songs from recent NOFX 7”s. Overall, it’s six songs in thirteen minutes. If you’re a die-hard NOFX fan, then you may prefer the 7” version, since it has the new song and you probably already have the rest of the songs. If you’re like me and have never given NOFX much of a chance, this is a good mix of their recent material and might be worth you checking out. The songs are catchy, some are a little more aggressive, and of course there’s a good dose of humor, too. 

 –kurt (Fat Wreck Chords)