NOFX: Self-titled: 10” EP

Nov 15, 2011

There’s no information included here whatsoever, but this consists of the band running through nine covers of songs originally by Agnostic Front, Necros, Urban Waste, Social Unrest, Battalion Of Saints, Sin 34, Rebel Truth, Stretch Marks, and a tune called “Race Riot,” the origin of which is somewhere in the recesses of my noggin but I just can’t seem to drag out. Decent performances here, nothing revelatory, but, in all, some nice run-throughs of songs that once seemed ubiquitous when we were all kids running around fucking shit up in backyards and crappy Hollywood dives with sticky floors and roaches running in and out of the PA speakers (::cough:: CATHAY:: cough::), but are now oddly obscure. Getting old sucks, but this doesn’t.

 –jimmy (Fat)