NOFX: Regaining Unconsciousness: CDEP

Jul 09, 2009

A teaser of sorts, with three tracks from the upcoming album The War on Errorism and an exclusive track. Fat Mike and the gang have come a long way. In their early years here in LA, they were another of a hundred punk bands that played around. Mike (as he was called back then) was just a young punker who attended Beverly Hills High. Somewhere along the line, he moved up to SF. Bad Religion put out the classic album Suffer and a light bulb went on in Mike’s head. The band had a transformation and became what they are now, after endless touring and recording over many years. I may not be a fan of their music, but I do respect them. When punk was dead, they were in the van touring all over. I have a friend in Canada who used to tell me what shows were happening in his area and NOFX seemed to be up there as much as they would come through LA. That is a tough life. Me, I’m a wimp. I hated being in the van, driving up to Bay Area to play a couple of shows. The new tracks will not turn away fans and should continue to recruit new ones. They have perfected their songcraft after all these years. The hidden track with snippets of songs from their new album formatted as a commercial is pretty funny. Hey, a band that can sell over a million copies of a release with no commercial airplay or videos can’t be half bad.

 –don (Fat)