NOFX: Never Trust a Hippy: CDEP

Jun 20, 2007

Here it is, the new EP from Fat Mike and the gang featuring two songs off their forth coming full length, Wolves in Wolves Clothing, and four unreleased tunes. The first song is about drinking and partying with Paddy and the rest of Dillinger Four at the Triple Rock in Minnesota. I’ve never had the pleasure of drinking with these fine folks, but from what I’ve heard already, the lyrics to this song seem to fit the bill perfectly. The next song, “The Marxist Brothers,” is a sarcastic poke at Marxists of the new millennium with their hybrid cars, ebay shopping and podcasts... pretty funny, but I would have enjoyed it more if it was a new version of their classic Moron Brothers tune with new lyrics. The third song is a well done Germs cover. The next song, “You’re Wrong,” is a political song used as Fat Mike’s soap box minute, and it’s pretty horrible as it’s just Fat Mike strumming his guitar and trying to sing in tune. Great choice in signing Against Me! to Fat Wreck, but don’t try and record an Against Me! style song just because you like how they sound. I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work—especially when the song is two minutes long and spouts even more one-sided rhetoric than a Propaghandi album. The next two songs are more of what you come to expect from NOFX, but nothing special. Not sure how I liked this CD as I’d much rather be listening to The Decline or So Long and Thanks For All The Shoes. There’s something to be said when the new, unreleased Randy (the band) song “Beware,” available online right now for free which features Fat Mike (taking up half the lead and backing vocal duties), is better than all of the songs on this EP.

 –mrz (Fat Wreck)