NOFX: Cool and Unusual Punishment b/w Civil Defense: 7”

Aug 01, 2006

The eleventh installment of a twelve-part series, it took eleven months for a dim bulb to light above my head. What NOFX have essentially done is record an album and a half—all the hits, misses, mistakes, and gems—and trickled them out in year’s worth of 7”s instead of releasing them all in one big chunk. In the process, they got me to review each song individually. This one’s really good. Side A’s about a Japanese sex club (that involves sadomasochism and other things concerning genitalia, hair pulling, and wax). (NOFX really should make an instructional sex video.) The B side is an FU’s cover. Hard to go wrong with that. (I’d love to hear a NOFX 7” EP of RKL covers.)

 –todd (Fat)