NOFX: Arming the Proletariat with Potato Guns b/w I Am Going to Hell for This One: 7”

Since this is #2 of the series, I’m developing a couple of new theories. I think the backs of all the records are going to be some sort of puzzle, that when all twelve are put together, it’ll look like a big poster. There’s also a running joke about a punk, a rabbi, and a Republican forming in the matrix area of the vinyl. The a-side is El Jefe’s horn front and center, and there are no lyrics. The band just does a round robin telling jokes. It fades off into applause. Ehh. The b-side’s much better, talks shit about the current state of fear-driven Christianity, and correctly uses the word “hauteur.” The vinyl, so far, looks pukey and diarrhea-y and matches the shade of color on the back of the record jackets. I’ll keep you posted with developments.

 –todd (Fat)