Nocne Szczury were a short-lived punk band local to the small seaside town of Wladyslawowo, Poland from 1976 to 1982. A brief interview transcription reveals their early influences to be that of the standard European contemporaries, such as the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and UK Subs, although these recordings, at times, owe more to the darkness of early Joy Division and post-punk. The songs on this record appear to be taken from a live performance and have that same godawful, yet, endearing Germs’ “Sex Boy” sound quality. Don’t go searching the Killed by Death section at the record store or Discogs just yet. As is typical with a lot of KBD style bands, the obscurity factor doesn’t always equate to essential listening. Therefore this record serves more as a snapshot of a small punk town’s proudest moments than an undiscovered nugget of Ebay gold. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Pasazer, / Underground Factory,