NOBUNNY: First Blood: LP

Nov 16, 2010

I don’t know where Nobunny found the time to record this album (or the 7” that came out at the same time.) He’s a touring machine; seems like he’s always on the road. The man, err, rabbit has magical powers and we’re lucky for it. First Blood is and isn’t what you would expect from Nobunny—it’s got his trademark catchy punk pop but the recording quality of this album is much better and seems a little more thought-out than his previous two (Love Visions and the cassette-only Raw Romance) where the listener gets the impression the songs were recorded on the fly, as Nobunny was writing them. Not high-fidelity but not quite low-fi. There are plenty of his typical dirty/pervo songs, like “(Do the) Fuck Yourself,” but we get to feel a little more of the heart of the man in the body of the beast. The T. Rex-sounding “Breathe” and “Live It Up” show the listener Nobunny’s ethos (“I’m a die poor/spend it young”) of living in the now, consequences be damned. “Blow Dumb” is pure Velvet Underground. As good as this album is, Nobunny is best caught live.

 –guest (Goner)