NO USE FOR A NAME: The Feel Good Record of the Year: CD

Jul 25, 2008

Wow! This band has been around now for over twenty years? That is a rarity. Not sure how many releases this band has put out, but it has to be a lot. I believe the longevity of the band is their talent to write songs that are catchy. Either being fast or mid-tempo, the songs have a memorable quality that is pleasing to the ear. Sonically, this is one of their best recorded albums due to it being recorded at the Blasting Room by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. They have been responsible for many recordings that I like from this genre. If you throw out band names to describe a good pop punk, melodicore band, NUFAN is a band that has to be included in that list. They consistently have been putting out music that has matured through the years, but they never forget the formula that put them on the map. Longtime fans will not even need to read a review to make them purchase this release.

 –don (Fat)