NO TOMORROW: Nuclear Exposure: 7” single

Jan 15, 2013

Decent metallic crust core type stuff. Somewhere betwixt Hellshock and From Ashes Rise. The songs tend to stay on the mid-tempo side, although “Burning Inside” does pick up the pace a little bit. But it’s not blinding speeds or things of that nature. The guitar work on the aforementioned song has a Japanese influence, which helps give the song a little more oomph. But I do find myself preferring the title track most. There’s a catchy rhythm, the bass has more presence, and it’s just an overall stronger song. As stated at the beginning, this stuff is decent. I think they have it in them to write better material, and, hopefully, discover something that will give them more of their own personality, because they don’t really stand out much from the rest.

 –M.Avrg (Sorry State,

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