NO TOMORROW BOYS, THE: “(Do The) No Tomorrow Twist” b/w “Neanderthal for Your Love” : 7”

Hailing from a planet with leopard-spotted skies, where press release references to juvenile delinquents, leather jackets, switchblades, pompadours, and Little Richard are still interesting, the No Tomorrow Boys attempt to tunnel out of the Dullsville County Jail with just two guitars and some drumsticks. Their plan—as exemplified in the anthemic call to arms “(Do The) No Tomorrow Twist”—is a fairly well concocted one; the song jets right along at an admirable level of attempted raucousness. But, as so often happens to the best-laid plans of be-pompadoured mice and leather jacketed men, the whole restored ‘57 Custom apple cart is overturned by the sad fact that i have to sit on the living room floor in the lotus position with headphones on and the volume cranked whilst doing weird things with my fingers and palms in a state of utmost psychic concentration in order to mentally discern exactly WHERE THE HELL THE GUITARS ARE in the mix of this record. I mean, the drums and vocals are fine, but the guitars are like two tiny bugs and there is no bass. I’m going to find it awfully hard to screw at the drive-in with guitars this absent. And it’s not like this is some big shambolic echoey sonic muck where the guitars just wound up getting buried in the endzone; this shit is direct and clear and focused. It’s just largely inaudible. Kind of a cool record on several levels; alas, said levels do not include the guitar levels in the mix. BEST SONG: “(Do The) No Tomorrow Twist” BEST SONG TITLE: “Neanderthal for Your Love” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Etchings in the vinyl’s run-off grooves read “HOT DAMN, TAMALE!” and “LJMF.”

 –norb (Teen-Age Riot)