NO STAYER: “Undesired” b/w “Forest by the Mountain”: 7”

Inverted crosses, occult styled sigils, and a song titled “Forest by the Mountain.” Must be black metal, huh? No! This is more along the lines of hard rock/metal-influenced punk (if only for the shouted vocals) resembling the style that Burning Love has currently run away with. “Undesired” has a pretty cool riff that could easily be mistaken for one of Tony Iommi’s lesser-known licks but, unfortunately, gets a little repetitive. “Forest by the Mountain” is a bit faster and, luckily, has a much more varied song structure with an ominous intro, a heavy-as-all-hell riff, a breakdown, and some blazing guitar solos to keep things much more metal. I can’t say that I’ll be digging around for this in my 7”s all that often, but at least it didn’t suck like most metal records these days.

 –Juan Espinosa (Enormous Door)