NO STAYER: First EP: 7” EP

Sep 19, 2013

No Stayer is a Philly based rock’n’roll power trio who’ve been tearing up the local scene for a while now. I’ve only just gotten my hands on their first release, and it’s a damn impressive one. No Stayer is Motörharged rock’n’roll at some of its finest. A-side opens up with a catchy Motörheadesque riff that opens up into nothing but straight energy, while B-side quiets it down with a dark intro boasting tons of chorus before unleashing some chunky riffs that are heavy as hell. Altogether, a great EP that I would advise any fans of the genre to pick up. The recording is great quality, and hopefully No Stayer will have a lot more releases to come.

 –James Meier (Self-released, [email protected],