NO STATIK: “No Hospice” b/w “Clean Swift Sunshine”: 7”

No Statik play apocalypse-happening-now hardcore. The atmosphere they create sounds like it’s narrated by ash-choked vultures. Sweeping, unsettled dust storms come from the guitar and bass. The drums sound like fire and then accelerate into a gallop (but never a blur). The instruments aren’t competing with one another and are recorded in a way that’s complex and layered, not murky, shit-wizard-here’s-my-crotch flashy, or competitive. Another cool aspect to both of these songs is that, although channeled through unmitigated anger, the song structures allow time for the chains to drop in from above and drag the listener behind. That’s menace. From Oakland. Ruby from Scrotum Grinder’s the singer. Ends with static hiss. This is getting repeat listens.

 –todd (Prank,