NO SLOGAN: Self-titled: CD

Mar 17, 2008

Dunno if this is an actual release or just something Benny threw into his care package to add a little punch, but either way, it is much appreciated. This is a discography of tracks from past—and future—singles, EPs, and comp tracks, plus a few live tracks from a trek to Mexico. For those not in the know, No Slogan are one of the highlights of Chicago’s very cool and unabashedly bilingual hardcore scene. What makes them special—in addition to a knack for writing some really good, catchy originals and for picking some interesting covers (their take on Bhopal Stiffs’ “Too Many Things” handily surpasses the original, in my humble opinion)—is that they aren’t afraid to spice things up a little by occasionally stretching out a bit or tossing in a smidge of post punk to the thrashin’. If this ain’t readily available—this one says “40/100” across the bottom, but I dunno if that means all together or just for the ones with the stenciled covers—it really should be, ‘cause in addition to being a solid release, it’s a nice way to get everyone up to speed on a band well worth taking notice.

 –jimmy (Southkore)